8 Reasons Why Homework In Middle School Should Be Banned

Students and homework always go together, but recent research shows that home assignment has only bad effects on students’ behavior and achievement. Teachers complained that some students failed to finish their home assignment due to insufficient resources at home. Apart from that, parents have less free time and they usually want to spend talking and having fun with their children, not doing the home assignment.

This subject has been discussed on debates for several years. There are people who are pro-homework, but there are of course people against it. So, both sides are present. If the subject was bad, then it would have been stopped immediately, but discussions and debates continue and everyone considers it a good idea. However, here are 8 good reasons why home assignment in middle schools should be banned.

  1. 1. Children need free time – Even children need some time to breathe. They are six to seven hours at school, after school they run to other activities, such as music, languages and sport and what they are left is 3-4 hours before bedtime. Well, they should have time for their hobbies, as well.
  2. 2. Observing real-life situation instead of homework – If you tell students to write an essay about the history of Romans, more than a half will be punished for not having it. However, if you take them to a museum about Romans, all of them will grasp some information.
  3. 3. More homework does not mean higher achievement – What if a student always has homework, but he only makes copy-paste from his peers. The result the teacher has is a rewriter of a home assignment, not a doer of it.
  4. 4. Students acquire knowledge every day, everywhere. – Thanks to the Internet and computers, children nowadays learn all the time. So, if students have interest in biology they can easily find info on the internet. Home assignments sometimes are of no use to get extra knowledge.
  5. 5. Games are easily remembered than assignments. – Games that are played at school are also played at home. Therefore, this is great opportunity for teachers to have a learning game that will be repeated most surely at home. This way, students will also learn and enjoy at home.
  6. 6. Students and parents don’t like assignments. – They are tired of school and work, respectively and they don’t want to spend their free time on more assignments.
  7. 7. Suggestion, no home assignments. – If teachers give suggestions instead of home assignments, students will achieve more.
  8. 8. Middle school assignments do not match parents’ knowledge. – School programs are changed and students most often have no one to help with their home assignment.

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