What Are The Motivational Benefits Of Homework For High School Students?

When it comes to homework, most students will agree that they would rather do without. However, they are not thinking about the motivational benefits of homework. When high school students fail to take the homework seriously, they are really only hurting themselves. There is some information regarding high school students and homework.

  1. Homework helps the teacher know whether the class understands the concepts or need more time.
  2. When your teacher assigns homework, she is testing to see if her lesson plan did its job. Did the lesson teach you what you needed to know to successfully complete the problems? Maybe not. But you won’t know of sure if you are all cheating and getting the answers online or from each other. Everyone aces the homework and then the teacher moves on. The class gets more and more lost and it becomes a downward spiral.

  3. Homework helps the student understand whether or not they need additional help
  4. If you are one of the only students who are falling behind in the homework, it is safe to say that you may need additional help. However, if you are just getting the answers online or you are copying the homework from someone in class, you aren’t doing yourself any favors come test time. You will quickly find out that you have really been hindering your progress.

  5. Homework is practice
  6. The main reason why homework was ever assigned in the first place is to help you practice the concepts that you have learned so that you can retain more of the information. This is especially important when you are dealing with the concepts that build on each other. If you miss one of the early steps, you will struggle all the way through the process. That is why you need to master the things that are thrown at you.

Many students and even some parent are opposed to homework. It is mainly because it takes up so much time. There are some ways that you can quickly do the homework, so that you have time to play. Take notes in class and make sure that you get help along the way as you need it instead of when you are too far gone. It will make it a lot easier to get things to do your way. Good luck.

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