College Homework Pros And Cons: An Expert's Point Of View

Throughout the past few decades homework has been regarded as a uniquely different type of academic assignment and most students either have strong opinions about it. From discussions presenting the various styles and structures that can be found in the assignment to cases being presented that propagates the insignificance of the tasks.

Because of the assorted academic statistics many countries gather from schools and other certified educational institutes, they conclude that this structure where homework is involved and issued, do contribute positively to a students academic success. This resentment of after school assignments does eventually subside because pupils become accustomed to the workload or have harnessed the activity to benefit them. Listed below are some pros and cons that should be considered in order to ease some of the stresses of your academic life.


  1. 1. Doing this type of schoolwork can help stabilize your study routine as a college student.
  2. The average daily routine for any student can follow specific guidelines and therefore creating or modifying preexisting school study routines that can elevate your academic proficiency during and after official class times.

  3. 2. Be vigilant in practicing this study habit although you may have already understood the subject matter.
  4. Engaging in this form of academic assignments, although fully and completely understood by you, can lead to increasing your knowledge base on the particular subject matter.

  5. 3. It brings a lot of work and necessity to a study group either in school or lessons.
  6. Many study groups and associations rely on the course work issued by the members respected educational institutes and allow the natural processes of the group digest the topical concepts and rules.


  1. 1. Large expanses of time spent focusing on school work may increase a students stress levels and inhibit or weaken their retention abilities.
  2. The cases made against the use of this type of academic assignments are staggering but not nearly enough to overwhelm the reasons for its continues use. These that argue this and similar points against the after school tasks are usually the studiously gifted individuals.

  3. 2. After school assignments divide the students time thus, taking away from precious study hours.
  4. Another aspect that has arisen against the institutionalization of such an academic task is that it encroaches on precious hours that many students prefer to spend studying other troublesome topics.

  5. 3. Homework from different selections of subject matter can get overwhelming.
  6. To compound the previous point about inescapably poor time management, the collective amount of this kind of work a student gets om different terms can be frustrating.

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