What Are The Main Disadvantages Of Doing Homework?

Doing homework is such an ingratiation for the whole lot of us that we hardly think we are doing something that is not an extension of our body. It has seeped into our conscience right from the ages of saints and jungle schools.

However, the modern idea suggests that there are too many disadvantages that assignments carry and there is merit in this idea. Here is elaborating on the points

  • - Emphasizing on particular subjects – Some teachers habitually give less or no home assignments. Thus, you are left emphasizing on certain subjects altogether ignoring those subjects whose teachers are lenient with you. This way, you don’t make the teachers suffer. You do.
  • - Germ of imitation – Home assignments naturally engender the germ of imitation. It happens that one student does the work and others copy from it. Resultantly, the submission is made but there is none the wiser. You hardly learn anything from this enterprise.
  • - Feeling of frustration – The burden and compulsion of assignments often makes you cringe even during your playing time. You realize that you may not be able to complete the work in time and so cut down on leisure and invest yourself into assignments. This affects your development in the longer run.
  • - Quick Stats – It has been proved that assignments don’t make any difference in the grasping power or learning prowess of students. Period!
  • - Compartmentalizing your mind – You begin to think of subjects or segments in the colors of the assignments it hands you with. Now, if Chemistry teacher gives you objective questions; it does not mean that Chemistry is an objective subject. Subjects like languages have so many layers that any preconceived notion may be disastrous.
  • - Gelling with family – You are a kid and you yearn to mix and spend time with your family. Daily assignments terrorize you into your study rooms and make you cut off from the family. You even rush through your food and make sure your work is completed. As it turns out, most of this work may be inconsequential.
  • - Dissuading from studying – The time you spend in doing homework is the time you may have allotted to learning more about subjects you don’t dig. In fact, this is a pivotal point behind the subjective calling behind the general boycott of school assignments.

Thus, there are admittedly sizeable disadvantages that assignments bring to the fore. The time has come to paint the town anew and brush this weed off.

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