Top 27 Up-To-Date Essay Topics For High School Students

There are many different essay topics the high school students can use when writing an academic paper. In order to choose and up-to-date topics, it is important that you think about the subject that you are studying, and what style you want to use, for example a compare and contrast style.

The following outlines 27 topics that you may find useful if you need to write a high school essay.

  1. In reference to prominent artists of the 19th and 20th century, to what extent do artists gain success after they die?
  2. Should students be required to carry out dissections on a variety of animals so as to help them learn and understand more about the anatomy of living creatures?
  3. To what extent has the large hadron collider helped us to understand more about the structure of an atom?
  4. Analyze and discuss the characters contained within the novels of Charles Dickens, and identify any recurring themes that may exist
  5. Compare and contrast the various methods that can be used to teach foreign languages
  6. In reference to rivers, what is a meander and how is one formed?
  7. Analyze the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union and discuss what influence they had on the rest of the 20th century
  8. How should one go about trying to prove a mathematical theory?
  9. What influence have technological changes of the past half a century had on our understanding of physics?
  10. How is modern art valued?
  11. What is cubism?
  12. How does a lung work?
  13. Compare and contrast fusion and fission
  14. What are figures of speech?
  15. How do the gills on a fish help it to ‘breath’ underwater?
  16. Analyze and discuss the life and times of Rembrandt
  17. describe the various anatomical features that can be used to identify an insect
  18. What are inert gases and why do they not undergo chemical reactions?
  19. Discuss the impact that William Shakespeare had on the English language
  20. What methods can be used in order to identify and track patterns in relation to human geography?
  21. Discuss the impact that Henry VIII had on religion in England
  22. What is a Mobius strip and what use does it have in technology and engineering?
  23. Describe the differences in the way that light travels between air and water
  24. What is refraction?
  25. Is it ever right for somebody to kill another person?
  26. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of vegetarianism
  27. Outline and discuss various number systems used throughout the world

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