Inspiring Essay Topics About College: Top 23 Ideas

College is a good thing, agreed but in order to convince somebody that thinks otherwise, you need to come up with strong and inspiring essay ideas. Understanding that no matter how emotional you might be with the topic, it is also important to have a lot of facts to back up your argument on college, no matter the topic. To get started, you need to have an interesting idea or topic. Listed below are top 23 ideas to help you get started. They are as follows:

  • - Discuss the advantages and disadvantage of traditional schooling versus home schooling.
  • - Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of iPad classrooms.
  • - College athletics is all the rage. Discuss if students engaged in college athletics should be financially rewarded or not, taking time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both options.
  • - Remedial classes – To be or not to be. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.
  • - Research and analyze certain standards that can come in handy in dictating a school’s curriculum.
  • - Discuss plagiarism in writing academic papers. Discuss the type of punishment that would be appropriate without jeopardizing the offending student’s chance at quality education.
  • - Discuss if school authority has the right to punish a student who clashes with law enforcement after school hours. If such student should be punished, what kind or level of punishment would be appropriate?
  • - Should brilliant kids skip several classes to go to a higher class? Discuss the implications of such actions.
  • - Creativity in students – What role do schools play in helping them improve?
  • - Should school extra-curricular activities be enforced on every student? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such decision.
  • - Should gym classes be made compulsory? What are the advantages to support this notion?
  • - Cheating in Exams and class tests – Is it getting worse in colleges?
  • - Should College students be subjected to routine drug tests?
  • - Are standardized tests the appropriate means of measuring students’ abilities?
  • - Should students spend more time or less time in high school?
  • - Students’ school records – Should there be a limitation on who should see them?
  • - Children of illegal immigrants and the right to public education – What is your take?
  • - What type of incentives is more appropriate for excellent academic performances?
  • - What are the unique benefits of group work in college?
  • - School days – Should they be shortened or lengthened? Corporal punishment – Should it be allowed in colleges?
  • - School Bullying – What measures have your school put in place to curb its spread?
  • - What is the best method of punishment for misbehaving college students?

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