Homework tricks: how to cut your study time in half

When you come home in the afternoon, the last thing in your mind is homework. You already spend a few hours in school today, and you need some time to relax. The bad news is that you can’t neglect your responsibilities, so you have to complete your assignments in the next few hours. If you are not a big fan of the subjects you have to write about, you will feel bored quickly so you have to try to finish everything as soon as possible. Why don’t you try applying these tricks? I bet some of them will work for you!

Avoid any distraction. Since you don’t like doing your assignments, you probably get distracted by everything around you. All of a sudden you feel tired, hungry, sick and so on; anything to escape from the situation. Well, this is not going to work for so long, so you have to stay away from anything that will take you away from studying. Keep your mobile on silent and preferably in another room. Use your computer only if you have to search for information on the Internet. If you don’t need it, it’s better to close it so you will not be tempted to go on Social Media. Let your family know that you have to study and you don’t want to be disturbed. That’s it, now you’re ready to study!

Ask someone to help you. In this era of technology, it’s very easy to communicate with someone from another continent. This means that finding an online tutor is very easy, and you don’t even have to pay money for this. A tutor will not do all your assignment, but at least he will help you with the most difficult parts. You will finish those tricky exercises in only a few minutes and then you can complete the easy part by yourself. If you pay attention to his explanations, you will not need any help in the future.

Don’t write more than you have to. If you are very passionate about literature and you have to write a 2-pages essay, you can be tempted to write 3 pages just to show off. This will delay you tremendously, and most of the time it will not bring you a bigger grade anyway. After you finished the main assignments, you can focus on something supplementary that will help you gain knowledge.

Don’t waste time with the dictionary. You need to search for unknown words every 5 minutes? Then this will delay you more than you think, since using a dictionary takes some time. It’s better to use the internet and find out what you need in only a few seconds. This also applies to math exercises: if you have to work on calculus, use an online calculator instead of struggling to calculate everything on your notebook. It might not be the ideal solution, but at least it will help you save some time.

Use quotes and references as often as possible. You might think that you have to lose time to search for them, but at least you will not have to write the same amount of content. This will save you some minutes it will matter by the end of the day. It’s better to search for references in your manual, since you already know where to find the interesting chapters. Your teacher will assume that you took plenty of time to finish this composition, and he will never know that you were actually in a rush.